We supports customers with financing needs:

We stand at their side with advice and support.

Due to Basel II regulations in developed markets, middle-sized companies often face difficulties raising suitable credit from their local banks. Financing capital in high-growth emerging economies is often made difficult through country-specific capital market restrictions.

INNOVA-TEC GmbH has recognised these problems and is now cooperating with well-known financial service providers, including banks and lending institutes from all over the world. For international customers we can organise finance through German banks or lending institutes. This can be done through a direct transaction or in connection with a foreign bank. In this case, state-owned credit insurers play a central role. As a foreign mid-sized company arranging finance with a German bank often requires the coverage from a state-owned credit insurer.

Another important component is the cooperation with the mandatary of the German federal government (Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs AG). INNOVA-TEC GmbH works to aid its customers access to government-backed credit insurance for affordable mid and long-term loans, and opens up to difficult accessible markets and maintains business relationships even in economic difficult times.