Tires / Waste Rubber Recycling Plant

1. Primary shredding and first screening

In the first comminution stage, the used tyres are preliminarily cut by a rotor shear of type AVZ (ADELMANN primary shredder). This machine type is suited for cutting tyres with a diameter of up to 3 metres into pieces of about 60 x 150 mm. By the downstream disk or vibration screen, the fine fraction is then conveyed to the post-comminution system and oversize material is returned again to the rotary shear.

2. Secondary shredding and FE separation

In the second stage, the material is processed on a granulator of type ANZ (ADELMANN secondary shredder). Depending on the used screen type, the pre-cut tyres are comminuted to a particle size ranging between 15 – 30 mm. By means of an overbelt magnet arranged downstream from the granulator, up to 98% of the iron share can be subsequently separated. An output material size of < 3 mm (very fine powdered rubber of 0 - 0.8 mm; 0.8 - 1.2 mm and 1.2 - 2 mm) can be achieved with an optional second post-comminution process.

3. Classifying and cleaning

Screens with a mesh size of Ø 8 mm and Ø 3 mm in the classifying and cleaning station are used to separate the rubber pellets into three different fractions. This step results in fractions with particle sizes of < 3 mm, 3 - 8 mm and 8 - 15 mm. Textile particles are then removed by air separation systems.

Benefits of the ADELMANN line – the system solution that makes the difference!

  • Outstanding equipment availability of > 90%!
  • Production of granules or powders to supply raw materials for insulants, asphalt additives, car components or floor coverings – easy to accomplish!
  • Rough material comminution for the supply of refuse derived fuel or for volume reduction – a mere child’s play!
  • Enhanced cost effectiveness in the long run!
  • ADELMANN offers high-quality machinery combined with an extensive service portfolio: efficient customer support from the initial planning, to financing, mounting, set-up and start-up right through to maintenance and repair.
  • ADELMANN recycling lines can be adapted to meet the most challenging market requirements!
  • Thanks to the modular line design, ADELMANN lines can be perfectly tailored to the requirements of your specific recycling process!

Technical specifications of a tyre recycling line

MaterialUsed tyres
ProductsGranules and powders, separation of rubber and iron, fractions with particle sizes of < 3 mm, 3 – 8 mm and 8 – 15 mm
Plant availability> 90%
Stage I
  • ADELMANN primary shredder (AVZ) with rotor shear
  • Material guidance via disk or vibration screens
Stage II
  • ADELMANN secondary shredder (ANZ)
  • Particle size reduction
  • Reduction of the iron share by overbelt magnets
  • Optional second post-shredding process
Stage IIISeparation of the rubber pellets into three fractions and removal of textile particles by air separation