Recycling Plant for White Ware and Electronic Scrap RPWW/ES

The recycling system for refrigeration devices and e-waste consists of shredder, a separation unit for PUR foam, iron, synthetic material and aluminuim/copper, a pelleting press and a exhaust air decontamination system.

Before the refrigerators are broken up, the loose inner parts are taken out, this includes glass, racks etc. and, if present, the mercury switches. This operation is follwed by the disposal of the oil-CFC/Iso-butane-mixture that is done with the coolant suction system. After removing the compressor the refrigerator is automatically moved to the ADELMANN recycle system RPWW. The refrigerators are automatically moved to the cutting unit of the two-shaft pre-shredder (AVZ), and cut into circa 50 mm wide strips. Then the refrigerators are moved to the system located below, and broken into smaller 20 to 30 mm pieces by the ADELMANN-post-shredder (ANZ).

The household appliances (e-waste) are also moved from the first unit (where they were dismanteled into their main parts) to the pre-shredder (AVZ). After the shredder the material stream is discharged and checked. Ath this step, obstructive material, such as hardened shafts is taken out manually.

The recyclable material – aluminium/ copper, iron, plastic and PUR-foam – are separated subsequently:

  • The shredded pieces of PUR-foam are separated by a wind sifting and are moved into the 6m³-buffer silo of the pelleting press where they are compressed to firm pellets.
  • Shredded plastic is discharged separately into a container.
  • Pieces of iron are taken out through a magnetic separation belt and neodymium magnets.
  • The eddy-current separator removes the risidual NE-material from the plastic.

The pellets from the hammer mill can be separated into aluminium and copper.

The CFC/pentane/air-mixture from the shredder unit and pelleting press is cooled and frozen, and subsequently condensed and bottled.


One system can recycle up to 60 (150/230 l) refrigerators per hour or 3/5t e-waste.

Adelmann-RPWW recycling system characteristics

The monitoring system which includes data loggers is useful for continuous recording and supervision of the entire system. The camara observes the feed to the pre-shredder. It is even possible for a tele-diagnosis can be made via modem.

Recycling Plant for White Ware and Electronic Scrap RPWW/ES

Electronic scrap:
3 t/h - 5 t/h
in three-shift operation

60 - 100 pcs/h
in two-shift operation

End products:
iron, Al, copper, PUR, circuit boards plastics, R11, R12, C-pentane, I-butane, compressor oil

Technical Data RPWW/ES

MaterialE-scrap (white goods) and refrigerators (RF)
Concept3 - 5 t/h e-scrap, 60 (150/230 l) RF/h
Step I
  • Cooling circuit suction with proven swivel head technology

 Pre-Shredder Adelmann (AVZ)

  • Separation unit
Post-ShredderPost-Shredder Adelmann (ANZ)
Separation of recyclable materials
  • Separation of PUR foam – Pelletization
- FE-fraction
- Plastics
- Al/Cu
- Circuit boards
Exhaust air
  • Pre-cooler and cryogenic cooling device
  • Dust suction
  • Alternatively: gas preparation by hydrolysis for CFC or oxidation for C-pentane