Product innovations

ADELMANN Linear Sorter ALS

Developed and built for a well-known automotive supplier, the Conveying and Sorting System „Linear Sorter“ is representing a new and additional market segment in ADELMANN’s continues further developing portfolio.

After only six months of development and construction time, delivery, assembly at site as well as successful initial operation and putting into service at the client’s premises have occurred in May 2019. The innovative approach of ADELMANN‘s constructors not only ensures our customer in future a significantly better output compared to the previous solution, it is all-purpose and flexible in use.

This type of sorting system provides a constant, steady, symmetric and well-proportioned orientation of small parts for the charging of downstream operation systems. One of the most outstanding attributes is the attachment bracket for the support plates and therefore a time-saving changeover of different products, a bulk operated product feed to avoid overflow as well as the option to mobilise the system with just a few movements in order to take it manually to another site of operation if required.

The core of this system is an adapted variation of the well-proven ADELMANN vibration conveyor system, which guarantees a stable transport of material across the complete contact surface and matches the requirements of the product and the user-specific output simultaneously.

The „ALS“ is not only a new product, a new segment in our portfolio, but also a new innovative international product category of highly specialised and consolidated vibration conveyor systems convenient for different applications, not only in the recycling business.


Author: S.F. PM-ADEL, Juli 2019