AVZi nitrogen-inerted pre-shredder

Safe solutions for recycling hazardous substances of any type

Designed to complement the sturdy and reliable universal pre-shredder (AVZ), the AVZi pre-shredder (AVZi) with controlled and monitored nitrogen-inerting system represents ADELMANN‘s innovative response when it comes to shredding volatile, flammable and explosive substances. Thanks to the unique stand-alone design for batchwise operation, this shredder is the first choice for the extension of existing processes or as first element of a new line.

ADELMANN pre-shredder in operation at REMONDIS

The supplementary trough-type discharge station ensures easy separation of solid matter from the released fluids upon completion of the shredding process.

Benefits of the AVZi shredding system

  • Patented system for quick knife replacement
  • Processing of volatile, flammable and explosive substances
  • Shaft breakage is excluded while maximum machine protection is ensured
  • Special bearings provide overload protection of the gear units
  • Stand-alone design
  • Sturdy construction combined with up-to-date design
  • Optimum solution for batchwise operation
  • Low nitrogen consumption
  • Possible separation of solid matter and fluids
  • Closed (inerted) and open (vented) mode possible
Trough-type discharge station

Technical specifications – AVZi (depending on the selected AVZ size)

Typ AVZi 95/120 - 55 AVZi 110/130 - 75 AVZi 125/180 - 75 AVZi 140/160 - 132
Drive power (kW) 2 x 55 2 x 75 2 x 75 / 90 2 x 132
Cutter dimensions (mm) 950 x 1,200 1,100 x 1,300 1,250 x 1,800 1,400 x 1,600
Number of knife shafts 2 2 2 2

AVZi – the perfect solution for solvent-based substances, flammable and explosive materials!

ADELMANN’s AVZi is suited for a wide variety of containers – from smallest casks and barrels to IBCs.