Go Green to get Green

Recleim company, founded in 2012, brought next-generation appliance to North America. With its flagship facility in Graniteville, Aiken, South Carolina, the company provides state-of-the-art, environmentally-sound resource technology. ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH has entered into a contract with Recleim LLC in May 2013 in order to build a recycling line to cleanly and safely demanufacture and recycle big refrigerators, other large household appliances and related electronics. Now at 27th of February 2015 one of the most efficient plants in the USA has officially opened for business in Graniteville.

“They’re here, they’re one of us and they are part of South Carolina…”, said Governor Nikki Haley, talking about Recleim company. ADELMANN’s general manager Holger Zufrass is also very proud to be a part of South Carolina, when manufacturing a modern 110-thousand square foot recycling facility which disassembles appliances, sorts’ metals and shreds refrigerators. While shaking hands with Mr. Zufrass, Douglas Hoffer, President of Recleim LLC stated “… we take big things to make small things - steel, copper and aluminium are all set right back into the new product cycle”. The Graniteville recycling facility can treat up to 50 refrigerators and five tons of electric and electronic scrap per hour on the two main lines.

These lines are used for recycling refrigerating units, air conditioners, vending machines, large household appliances, partly with a weight of over 150 kg – thus exceeding European standard weights by far. At the beginning of the treatment, refrigerating agents and oils are removed, the units are shredded and disassembled into their individual material components such as steel, plastics, aluminium, copper, insulating foam and CFC or cyclopentane. The downstream sensor-based sorting systems ensure highest purity grades of the individual reclaimed material fractions. The polluting CFCs released during the process are subjected to a thermal treatment using a special catalyst and destroyed by up to 99.99 %. This environmentally compatible treatment neutralizes discarded equipment with substantial environmental impact and allows the raw material contained to be used again for the production of new products.

When putting the Adelmann plant into operation at least 70 new jobs were generated in Aiken County and the number is expected to more than double. Recleim will hire about 200 people until the end of 2015.

Adelmann and Recleim are sure that opening the plant in Graniteville was only the first step for creating a green future for America. Go Green to get Green!