First large-scale refrigerator and electronic scrap recycling plant for South Carolina

Pioneering innovation for the USA

In January 2014, ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH launched the first large-scale project for Recleim LLC in South Carolina. The start-up of this first ADELMANN recycling plant for refrigerators and electronic scrap in the USA is scheduled for December 2014.

Thanks to the sturdy equipment design, profound know-how, “made in Germany” engineering quality, longstanding experience and above-average service performance, ADELMANN stands exceptionally strong against stiff international competition – both within and outside Europe.

The plant for the disposal of refrigerators and electronic scrap developed by ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH is composed of three lines. The first line with an output rate of 50 refrigerators of US standard size per hour features innovative technology for the recovery of 99.9 % of the contained CFC gases without using any nitrogen. This forward-looking technology will certainly be leading the pack when it comes to further investments in efficient and eco-friendly solutions. The overall plant includes a second line for treating electronic scrap and white goods with a recycling capacity of 5 metric tons per hour and a third line with double optical separation that gives excellent output material quality.

The overall investment volume for this project is about USD 40 million.

Further profitable projects are currently in the planning stage.