For over 50 years INNOVA-TEC GmbH has provided environmental engineering services and delivered systems world-wide.

Due to many years of experience and sound knowlegde INNOVA-TEC GmbH has proved a competent partner for many clients with challenging tasks. INNOVA-TEC GmbH’s membership in Systec group maximizes its customers benefits, through the use of the group’s wide range of manufacturing and technology resources.

At present INNOVA-TEC GmbH has 50 employees with hands-on experience in engineering who understand the special technical requirements of process engineering as applied to recycling technology. They plan, project manage and manufacture individual machines or complete systems based on the customer`s request.

Already over 1.000 briquette presses, as well as 60 recycling installations of waste or refrigeration devices and electronic waste have been constructed, and are successfully operated by our customers. INNOVA-TEC GmbH stands for:

Environmentally friendly collection and disposal of refridgerators and electronic waste, complying with all environment rules and regulations.

  • Production of re-usable material.
  • The material´s purity exceeds the regulations as required by law.
  • Robust and maintenance friendly designs.
  • Reliable service.

Recycling instead of disposal – an intelligent alternative!
Find the best solution using our technolgy!